Providing consulting services on income tax and VAT to mid-size international enterprises and to successful individuals, with a special focus on German and English-language clients, constitutes a great part of the core of our professional activity.

International and foreign businesses operating in Italy need to maximise available tax benefits and chart their way through complex labour and social security laws and regulations.

Our firm offers client-targeted advice that, on request, can cover several jurisdictions. Said strength underlines our firm’s ability to offer specific, pragmatic and punctual consultancy on International Firm level.


The market globalization has increased the need to recover the withholding tax on Italian securities and treasury bonds – owned by non-resident entities – levied by Italian banking intermediaries in excess to the limits set forth by Italian International Treaties against Double Taxation signed by Italy.

Our Firm boots a consolidated experience in assisting non-resident subjects in filing the reimbursement forms and successfully recovering at the Operative Center of Pescara the said Italian withholding taxes levied in excess to the limits set forth by Italian International Treaties against Double Taxation signed by Italy.


Direct taxes – consulting on national taxes, that may cover a wide spectrum of issues, including the innovative “start-up”, alternative-energies, bank services (money transfer and private banking), transfer-price issues, (M&A), assets sales and litigation
• VAT – in addition to the mere consulting on the technical aspects concerning the tax enforcement, the Firm offers consultancy on the business and practical aspects connected to the as well as consultancy on real-estate transactions.

Within sais frame the Firm is specialized in EU cross border goods transactions – triangular and chain transactions, direct VAT identifications and VAT representations in Italy, as well as VAT Refunds to non-resident subjects;

Expatriates and foreign source income taxation
Withholding tax reimbursement on Italy located securities
Labour law consultancy (Hiring contracts and wage slip service).
Refund of withholding taxes levied on securities deposited in Italy at amounts exceeding the limits set forth by International OECD Treaties against double taxation.


The market globalization and the European business integration have increased the need to recover VAT paid in Italy by VAT EU resident subjects.

In said contest, our Firm has accrued a consolidated expertise in consulting and assisting foreign VAT subjects in absolving the VAT obligations set forth by Italian law.

VAT identification in Italy of UE resident VAT subjects
Appointment of VAT representatives in Italy of non EU residents entrepreneurs
Administration of VAT identifications in Italy;
VAT accounting
Monthly/Quarterly VAT liquidations
Internet execution of VAT payments
Predisposizione ed invio telematico delle dichiarazioni IVA
VAT tax returns filing and submissions
Assistance in VAT refunds.